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Genesis Fitness Kelmscott

Address: 2948 Albany Highway, KELMSCOTT, WA, 6111

Address: 2948 Albany Highway, KELMSCOTT, WA, 6111

Phone Number: 0893904900

Membership Plan: Direct Debit (No Lock-in Contract) - $19.95 / Week Access to: KELMSCOTT only

Total Start Up Cost: $55

Includes: Admin Fee ($55)

No additional start up costs

Next Payment:

$19.95, re-occurring weekly

Next Payment Date:


This is when the first of the ongoing payments will be, charged to you directly by the gym. You will need to provide the gym your direct debit details on your first visit. If you would like to slightly change this date, please discuss with gym directly.

You will be required to undergo a tour and induction at the gym on your first visit, and also completion of the gyms standard agreement.

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$55 Total Payment

GymScope will only take payment for the total startup costs, and not for ongoing membership payments.