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How this works for Gyms & Studios

For a limited time, its free to list your gym, and there are no fixed monthly costs.

With our proven performance based system, you only pay a minimal amount when you get genuine enquiries or when new members join online (via Gym Scope).

First list your gym/studio for free

Then with our performance based system, start getting:

  • Genuine Enquiries

    Get enquiries from our website, by prospects requesting a trial(period you set) or sending a contact enquiry to your gym/studio.

  • New Members that Join Online (via Gym Scope)

    Get online signups directly from our website. We showcase gyms & studios to a high level so prospects can easily join online. The joining process on Gym Scope will require the joining member to pay your upfront start up fees (e.g. Joining Fee, Card Fee, Upfront Membership Fee, etc), which gets transferred to you. This gets an immediate commitment from the joining member. If you don’t have any upfront start up fees, we will get in-depth details about the joining members.

    Joined member’s will then need to visit your gym and complete your standard process, with their start up costs already paid.
    Ongoing direct debits will be charged directly by your gym, not by Gym Scope.

We will inform you immediately when you get an enquiry or a member joins.

Your gym/studio only pays Gym Scope a minimal amount per:

  • Enquiry (Please contact us for Price)
  • Joined member (Please contact us for Price)

And if the same person makes an enquiry and then joins online, you wont get double charged.

At the end of the month, we will give you a full breakdown of:

  • The enquiries you received
  • Those that joined online and upfront start up costs received

With our proven performance based system, there is nothing to lose as you only pay when you get results.

There are no fixed monthly costs, so if you don’t get any enquiries or members, you pay nothing.

Give it a try, and list your gym now.