Why weight training is beneficial as we age

If you are getting older, you might tend to think that the days of weight training for you are over as that can affect your bones.

But is it the correct perspective? Read on to find out the truth:

How Aging Impacts Bones?

Bone cells are of two types–osteoclast and osteoblast. According to medical science, the human body makes more bones than it loses up to the age of around 30. As such, the bone strength increases during that phase of people’s lives.

Moreover, people within the age bracket prefer going to the gym to gain strength, shed weight or look good.

But, people begin to age after passing around 30 years of age, when the bone density reaches the peak. And, the bones becomes the strongest at that period in people’s lives.

After that, the normal aging process starts, and bone density declines. So now, people lose more bones than they make.

Can a Testosterone Replacement Therapy Reverse Bone Loss?

Although men do not undergo menopause, their testosterone levels come down. So, it might be reasonable to think that a testosterone replacement therapy can help reverse bone loss for aged men.

However, there arises a problem. It increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Can Weightlifting Help Maintain Healthy Bones With Age?

It can help if the individual can devote time to the fitness center. In addition, weight lifting exercises can help maintain bone health.

When aged people do weight lifting exercises, they can improve their bone health. Also, when people work against gravity, their bone health gets better.

As such, weight lifting exercises can help people over 30 years to maintain good bone health.

Is There Any Relationship Between Muscle Mass and Healthy Bones?

As muscle is attached to bone, muscle pulls on the bone. So, a stronger muscle has a stronger pull on the bone, and it is good for bone health.

If you compare two 40-year-olds, one has fat, and the other has no fat because he hits the gym five days a week, you will see the latter with stronger bones.

A good workout program is essential for people reaching their 40s because muscle mass also diminishes in addition to the bones.

But, if you exercise regularly, you can restrict muscle and bone losses.

What are the Bad Habits to Avoid?

Consuming more than three alcoholic beverages per day can add to the risk of losing bones for people over the age of 40.

Also, it is advisable to get a body check-up by a doctor to find out if any problems are causing bone loss. For example, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many types of liver diseases cause bone loss.

Moreover, tobacco affects bone health as it is toxic to the osteoblast, the bone making cell.


If you are over 40 years of age, you should make a habit of hitting a health club to do weight lifting exercises to help you maintain your bone health.

In addition, you should take a balanced diet with proper nutrition in addition to your weight training regime.

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