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Want Bigger Arms? If Yes Then Stop Doing These Six Things

Getting stronger and bigger arms might be a major motivation to go to the gym and exercise. Well, who doesn’t like well-rounded biceps? If you are training for a quite some time but results are not as desired, you’re doing something wrong. This blog shares with you six mistakes that everyone (who wants big arms) should avoid.

1 – Not giving your body the fuel it needs

If you stand 6 feet tall and your body weight is around 150 pounds, you can’t get big arms. You might be too skinny, and thus, the first thing you should start doing is eating an adequate amount of food. It’s best to eat wholesome and nutritious meals to put on a healthy weight. Whether you want bigger arms or chest, you first need to improve overall health.

2 – Over-training your arms

Over-training your arms is a lot easier than you think. Every time you bend your elbow in any back movements or exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, barbell rows, etc. rely heavily on your biceps. Additionally, you might be training your arms frequently to see the growth but end up doing excess of it. Instead, a well-balanced workout is required to see desirable results.

3 – Skipping the legs day

You can visit any health clubs or gyms, and the one thing you will find in common is that most people are working their arms or chest. And if you’re doing the same, then it’s time to pause. One study found that when you perform compound movements like squats and lunges, the testosterone in your blood goes up. And that’s the perfect opportunity to work out your arms to see faster results.

4 – Not incorporating complex exercises

Of course, isolation movements are the best to get that pump in your biceps. But, if you want overall thicker arms, then you should work on surrounding muscles as well. The best thing you can do is incorporate complex exercises that hit your arms, forearms, shoulders, back, and chest, all at once. Close-grip bench presses, weighted dips, and chin-ups are the ideal complex movements.

5 – Lack of variation in volume

You should know that any muscle group, including your arms, has slow and fast-twitch muscle fibres. Each of the muscle fibres requires a different volume and intensity to grow it. If all you have been doing are three sets of eight reps, then you must not anymore. Instead, you should mix-up the volume using drop-sets, or super-slow sets, band resisted set, etc.

6 – Not working on your grip

Whether you go to a professional fitness centre or budget gyms, you must follow the fundamentals of working out. The number one rule you need to keep in mind is to have a firm grip while lifting weights. It will enable better muscle-mind connection and, thus, lead to faster growth of your arms.


Those are six things you should stop doing; otherwise, you may end up with stunted or unattractive arms. You should eat right with adequate food and avoid excessive training. Incorporating a balanced workout is key. You can also consider enrolling for personal training

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