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Top 5 Nutrition Tips to Fuel Your Workout

Nutrition and exercise are the two key pillars of holistic health. Sticking to 80% diet and 20% exercise is your best bet when you want to maximise your performance and achieve your fitness goals. Nutrition not only comprises of food that we should eat but also how we should consume it. However, many people in today age ignore nutrition.

If you want to succeed with your fitness goals at the gym, your kitchen might be the best place to kickstart the journey. Always remember, it is wise to eat right and then work hard to burn off calories during your workout.

Below are some tips for fitness enthusiasts to follow so they have a winning gym diet in line with their fitness objectives.

  • Follow a Proper Eating Schedule

It may happen that you are eating the right types of foods to complement your workout routine but not getting desired results. The reason is likely related to you are eating.

Many people follow the 3-meals-a-day diet, but they don’t understand it won’t be helpful in weight loss or muscle growth. If you eat in large portions a few times a day, it will encourage your body to store fat.

Remember, if you eat protein-rich food in a large portion at one time, you won’t get maximum benefits. However, it will lead to being processed out of the body. Keeping this in mind, try to take a quantity of smaller meals throughout the day.

Your body will digest it faster, allow for maximum nutrient absorption, and reduce fat storage. Some gyms also help you in designing a tailored diet plan for before and after workout meals.

  • Eating Fat Won’t Make You Fat

People usually believe that fats and cholesterol are bad for their health and for muscle growth, they should consume protein. However, the fact is that the fats that you get from olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, egg yolks, and butter – all are great for your body.

These foods play a significant role in increasing your testosterone levels, in ensuring your body is digesting nutrients in a well-balanced proportion, and in maintaining a good set of scales of energy exclusion by your body.

The problem happens when you consume them over the moderate limit. Enjoy the fats but keep a check on the quantity you consume daily. For instance, a spoon of clarified butter daily is good, but anything over that will lead to issues in the long term.

  • Don’t Cut Out Carbohydrates Completely

Whenever your body wants to work, it requires carbohydrates. It is a truth that your body converts unused carbs into fats, but remember that they are the primary source of fuel for your body.

Cutting down carbohydrates totally from your diet plan is not beneficial. If you consume a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in a day; they then it will boost your metabolism level and help you burn a fat a lot more efficiently. You should take at least one meal per day with a decent amount of rice or bread. Remember that exercising moderation is the key here.

  • Keep Yourself in Shape With Protein

Protein plays an important role when you are trying to gain weight, lose fat, or improving your overall physique, like from joining a gym near you. It is recommended that you should consume protein between 0.8-1.5 grams per pound of your body weight. If you want to lose a lot of weight to get yourself into shape, calculate the required protein intake as per your targeted weight.

For people who have an established workout routine, chicken breast, lean-cut beef, and all kinds of fish are suggested protein-rich foods. It is also beneficial to take whey protein before a workout to get better results rather than completely avoiding protein or consuming other kinds of protein.

However, never overextend yourself with protein. This is because, based on your body type and genetics, you can handle only a certain amount of protein.

  • Don’t Forget to Hydrate Your Body

Make sure that your body gets enough water to complement your workout regime. Keep a water bottle with you and take generous sips throughout the day. It is recommended that one should drink at least 8-9 glasses of water (2 litres/ day).

Refuel yourself with a mix of healthy drinks and juices, especially post-workout. At least you should drink 2-3 cups of fluid for each pound you lose while exercising.

So if you want to get the most out of your workout and feel good while doing it, you should consume enough water during exercise. Make sure that you do not substitute water with aerated or sugary drinks.

Putting It All Together

Fuelling your body with the right nutrition prior and post-workout at health clubs will give you the energy and strength to perform better. Keep the above nutrition tips in mind and pair it with your workout routine. This way, you will get significant benefits and improvements to your overall health.

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