Tips To Avoid Hand Injuries At The Gym

Gymming is certainly good for your health, but hand injuries can dampen ones progress from exercising in a gym. When you practice weightlifting in a fitness centre, you can suffer from hand injuries.

Hand injuries are annoying and painful. If you suffer any hand injuries during gymming, you not only have to take time off training but wait for a longer time to recover than you think.

When you practice exercises that involve movements and loading the wrists, like snatches, clean and jerks, and other exercises, they can tear ligaments in your wrist.

How to Avoid Hand Injuries at the Gym?

Do not stop hitting the gym due to fear of injuring your hand because there are good ways to prevent injuries while lifting weights.

Focusing on lowering the load on your hands is the best thing to prevent hand injuries during gyming.

When you exercise, your wrists and hands work a considerable amount. So, it will help if you reduce weight off your hands while adding support to your hands to allow your muscles to work. In addition, it will help to protect the ligaments and tendons of your hands and wrists.

Here, we have described a few ways to do that:

Maintain a Neutral Wrist Position

Maintain a neutral wrist position while exercising. You need to work on it for a while to master the technique. Your wrist should be in a slight extension to attain a neutral wrist position. For example, hold two dumbbells or a push-up grip bar during push-ups. Likewise, avoid over gripping while lifting weights as that will overstrain your wrists.

Put on Wrist Straps

Wear wrist straps while exercising in the gym. They provide external support to your wrists when you lift weights.

Personal training can help improve the stability of your wrists by getting the correct techniques. Also, lift weights that are right for you. If you lift excess weights, you will not maintain a stable and neutral wrist position.

Increase weight gradually. And increase to the extent up to which you can maintain a comfortable grip strength.

Coming to wrist straps, they are a must while performing heavy exercises requiring a solid grip. When you find your grip strength compromising your workouts, put on wrist straps.

Reduce Wrist-Specific Exercises

If you suffer from wrist injuries quite often during exercises, reduce the activities that require wrist work.

Your wrists constantly work while you exercise, so there is no need for you to perform specific wrist strengthening exercises. Also, avoid over gripping during workouts.


Hand injuries during exercises can hinder your fitness goals. But, it is not a good idea to stop gyming altogether to avoid hand injuries. Instead, follow the tips outlined in this article to prevent such injuries and reap the benefits of smart gymming.

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