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Supercharge your Lower Body with these 5 Workouts

Having a robust lower body is as important as having a strong upper body. Be it, athletes or fitness-conscious individuals, the balance of the upper body and lower body workout is crucial. However, people often neglect exercises for the lower body. They cite a lack of time or strenuous efforts for this.

Today we seek to change this perception. We bring some easy-to-perform exercises that blaze up the thighs, glutes, and calves. Follow these leg workouts and build these important muscles.


Regular and correct squats help you get the best results. Apart from the shape and size, you feel the strength and vigor with regular squatting. However, most of the time, you will find people performing it incorrectly in fitness centres.

For beginners, it is needless to say that squatting without weights helps to develop the right technique. However, progressively make sure to lift weights as well. It helps in building endurance and strength.

Take the right stance and have firm feet in the ground. While rising, feel the pressure in the intended muscle group and make adjustments in the position. Squat down while moving your knees apart and moving your hips back. Squat up with your knees out and chest up.

Glute Ham Raise

A great exercise for strengthening the glutes is the glute-ham raise. Increasing the gluteus adds massive power to the lower body. Of the various options available, the rear-elevated glute-ham raise is a good option to get started.

Walking lunges

Just like any other lower body exercise, walking lunges can be started without weight. Weight can be gradually added and increased.

Keep your chin lifted and look straight, keeping the torso erect and tall. Keep the shoulders back and chest out. Lunge ahead in a big step so that the other leg’s knee is at 90 degrees to the ground level

Gradually, carry dumbbells of equal weight in both hands and increase the load. Don’t move hands during the exercise.

Add shape and size to your thighs with leg curl

Performing leg curl is the best way to give the desired shape and size to your thighs. It requires movement of fewer body parts.

Make sure to sit straight and erect with your back fully touching the backrest. Slide your legs in-between the padded lever and the other pad. Move up the leg below the knees parallel to the ground. Gradually, add weights to increase intensity.

Forward sled drag

The forward sled drag primarily works on the legs’ muscle group, glutes, and hamstrings. It involves pulling heavy loads by a rope.

Keep your shoulders, hips, and ribs aligned. Pull the load and keep moving, taking small steps.

To sign off

These are some exercises for developing a strong lower body. Remember, incorporating a balanced upper body and lower body workout is the key to a good physique.

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