Strengthen Your Lower Body With These Simple Yet Powerful Workouts

Are you finding it a bit difficult to tone up your bum? If so, you must explore effective methods to do away with the difficulties.

After all, toning the bum leads to a slew of benefits–the contribution to lower body strength–apart from stabilizing the hip and lower back mobility.

With a stronger bum, you can hinge and squat more effectively while keeping your back strong and pelvic stabilized.

By working out in a fitness center to strengthen your bum, you can effectively do away with lower back discomfort. And, you can run better due to stronger glutes. 

So, you should go to  a gym near you and start the following exercises to strengthen your bum.

#1. Mini Band Kickback

To perform this effective exercise, you should get on knees and hands, putting one end of a mini and around your right foot. And, you should keep the other end on the left thigh, above your knee.

After that, contract your glutes and keep your abs tight while kicking your right leg back until it becomes straight.

After extending fully, squeeze the glutes, and bring it back down slowly. 

It marks the end of one rep.

#2.Reverse Lunge With Knee Drive

This exercise can be easily performed in health clubs. Starting in a low lunging position, putting the right foot forward, and left foot back, you should bend both legs to 90 degrees, keeping your torso parallel to the floor. 

After that, put your right hand on the right thigh, extend your left arm, and put your fingertips on the mat.

Subsequently, you should take a small jump by pushing the right leg, lifting your left knee, and bringing it upward toward the chest.

Also, you should swing your bent right arm forward until your elbow aligns with your shoulder.

Finally, return to start, reversing your action. And, that completes one rep.

#3.Heel Elevated Split Squat

You can easily work out this exercise at a fitness studio by standing on your right foot while keeping your left knee bent and foot off the floor.

Then, you should bring your left leg down while bending your right knee, until it is a few inches off the ground.

Also, balance your body by extending your out in front of you. After that, you should return to the starting position, marking the completion of one rep.

#4.Butt Kicks

It is one of the simplest exercises to strengthen your bum. And, you can do the exercise in group fitness classes too, if you feel like working out together with your friends.

The starting point is to stand, keeping your feet under your hips and hands at your sides. Then, you should bend the left or right leg, lifting the heel to the glute. 

Subsequently, you should return to the starting position, and repeat the moves on the opposite side. And, that finishes one rep.

#5.Jumping Jacks

You should start the exercise by standing with both hands by your sides. After that, you should jump in the air, and ensure that you land with your legs open. At the same time, you should bring your hands up overhead.

After that, you should jump again, and land with your legs back together and your arms at the sides. Then, repeat the move.

Ladies can perform the Jumping Jacks exercise at women’s fitness studios if they do not like the company of men while working out. Such ladies should sign up to a women gym.


Strengthening your bum is not very difficult. All you need to perform the exercises, outlined in this article regularly. Again, focus and determination are important, as you cannot attain your workout goals without them. 

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