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Start with these Essential Weightlifting Workouts

Every New Year, we make resolutions to join a gym and get in shape. But soon enough, many people turn lazy and give up on that idea. Sometimes, we forget that there is no better option than exercising to keep health problems away.

Even in such scenarios, there is a ray of hope. According to stats, the market for health clubs has experienced a significant boom. It is around $87.2 billion worth globally, and the growth has been consistently upwards since 2008. So, if you haven’t already joined an excellent fitness center, now is the time to take the plunge.

The role weightlifting plays in maintaining a fit physique

There is nothing better than weightlifting to gain solid muscle strength. However, the weight training room might pose a challenge when you walk in for the first time. Of course, you will not be able to lift heavy at the first go, and that is why you need the training. As a beginner, you start by learning some basic weightlifting techniques. When you have mastered the basics, you can move to higher weights.
We have put together some simple yet effective weightlifting techniques that beginners can follow.

1) Goblet Squats

Man doing Globet squats

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This technique helps you to learn the squat posture – knees out, hips back, and chest up. The dumbbell counterbalance will help you to stay straight and slowly; you can squat deeper.

How To: hold the weight close to your chest with both hands. Elbows should be close to the body and put your legs wide. Now squat down until your elbows touch your knees. Keep your chest tight and push out your knees. To stand back up, push through the heels.

2) Dumbbell Chest Press

Man showcasing dumbell chest press

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This exercise will help you to gain strength in your chest and shoulder area, gain muscle and stability.

How To: lie down on a bench with your elbows on a 90 degree to the sides. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, push up and then retract back down slowly. The weights must be at the center of your chest.

3) Chin-up

woman showcasing chin-ups

This particular workout technique will help you to build muscle on your upper back. Fitness experts also consider it a great way to test relative strength.

How To: to do a chin up, hold the pull-up bar firmly and hang from it. Make sure your arms are straight, and your feet do not touch the ground. Now try to pull your chest up closer to the bar, keep your chin up. Then slowly come back to the starting position.

4) Triceps Extension

Men showcasing Tricep extension

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The triceps extension is an excellent technique to build up your triceps. It will increase the functional strength of your arm also.

How To: first, stand straight and spread your legs and hips apart. Now bring the weight over your head; keep your hands straight. Now slowly lower the pressure behind your head until your arms go as low as 90 degrees, but do not move your elbow. Now raise the load back to the initial position.

5) Trap-bar Deadlift

Man showcasing Trapbar deadlift

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This exercise will help you with the hinge movement. This workout is necessary for picking up things, landing, and jumping.

How To: to do this particular workout first stand with your feet and hip apart. Now hold the trap-bar handles tightly. Now, push through the heels and try to stand up straight. Make sure you bend your knees and hips enough for this exercise.

6) Front Lunge

Woman showcasing front lunges

The front lunge is another excellent workout technique for beginners and perfect for personal training. This one helps to keep your legs and hips muscles to be healthy and functional.

How To: To perform the front lunge, stand with your feet together and hold the weights on each side. Now step forward with your right foot and lower both the knees to 90 degrees. The back knee should not touch the ground. Now use your front heel to step back and come back to the initial position. Now repeat the same for the other leg.

7) Half Kneeling Dumbbell Press

Woman showcasing half kneeling dumbell press

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You can do this to improve your shoulder strength and gain muscle. It also improves core stability and glute activation. It is a good exercise for hip mobility also.

How-to: First, stand straight with your dumbbells. Now bend your knees to form a half-kneeling posture. Now drive the weight on the opposite hand of the front leg to over your head. Now repeat it for the other leg also.

8) Push Up


man showcasing push-ups

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Push up is a simple yet effective exercise you can do in all health clubs or at your home. It helps to bring stability to the shoulder and builds up a shoulder and chest area.

How To: you can start with a standard push up position. Now lower your chest towards the floor as much as you can. Now, push yourself up to the starting position. Keep doing it as many times as possible.

9) Bear Crawl

Woman showcasing bear crawl

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This one is very effective if you want overall strength and stability. It also helps you to move towards heavier weights and is suitable for shoulder strength.

How To: to do the bear crawl, first bend down and put your hands on the floor. Now lift your knees and keep you back as flat as possible. Now walk on all fours in this position. Make sure your torso and spine are in a straight line.


These exercises are perfect for beginners who are looking to begin their strength training. In order to achieve your fitness goals you can join affordable gyms, and to get better and faster results you can train under a professional trainer.
However, keep in mind that you have to repeat these techniques in sets and reps every week. Your trainer will guide you through it. If you follow the routine diligently, you will start seeing positive results. In today’s health-conscious world, you too can make a difference and start improving your fitness and well being.

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