Should we Stick to the Same Workout Routine or Switch Up

A regular workout is a way of life. But, when it comes to the exercise-routine pattern, the spontaneous question arises whether you should stick to the same workout routine or switch different exercises.

So, let us analyze them individually, and after that, we will arrive at a conclusion, as the analysis will make things clear.

The Progressive Overload Effect

The truth is that if you practice a particular exercise routine regularly, you get better at it. Say you squat regularly. The stronger you get at squats. Likewise, if you run regularly, you will get faster at running.

If you want to become an expert in a particular form of exercise, there is no alternative to doing it frequently in the gym, and make it your second habit. But why is it so? It will help if we explore it to understand the underlying mechanisms.

You may have realized while undergoing exercise sessions at a fitness center that your body adapts to exercises according to the principle of progressive overload.

Do you not get stronger and build more muscle by lifting more weight, doing more repetitions, or extra sets?

The adaptation of your body to exercise is due to the action of the survival mechanism. For example, when you work out at a health club, you apply stress to your body, which feels that the stress is tough to handle, so the body thinks that if it does not add some muscle to increase the strength, it might not survive.

There is an interesting point to know in the context of bodybuilding—muscles in response to stress. If the body somehow feels that the stress will never return, it will stop building muscle and strength.

It is also true that the levels of your mental stimulation will go up if you change your workouts. And some amount of mental stimulation is necessary for successful workouts. But, ensure that you should make incremental progress in a particular set of exercises that should be your main workout routine. If you fail to do so, you will struggle to find success.

What are the Best Things to Do?

Decide your fitness goals, depending on which pick exercises you believe in contributing the best towards success. For example, say your goal is to become stronger, then it will help if you select full-body strength training exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, which can be your indicator exercises.

Regardless of the type of indicator exercises, do not fail to monitor the progress. Instead, every time you perform them, write down what you did in a notebook regarding the sets, reps, weights, etc.

Your goal should be to progressively do more–increasing the weights, reps sets, completing a workout in a shorter time, etc.


It is beyond doubt that sticking to an exercise routine helps you make progress and achieve results, but a slight change is also essential to keep yourself motivated. If you get bored with your regular workout routine, mix it up with different exercises to avoid boredom.

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