Mistakes That Hampers Your Training Results

Staying in shape to look good and feel good is now a well-known mantra. Hence, its not just about pushing yourself super hard till you reach the desired goal.

Check out this blog to know the errors to avoid, thus getting the most out of your workout sessions.

The primary thing to remember

The idea of bodybuilding stands on the most fundamental principle; you cannot achieve your dream body overnight. It takes a long time to get your body to lose weight and gain muscles, which requires the proper intake of nutrients and supplements and following the correct guidelines related to a personal training regimen. Some of the things you might want to remember are;

1) Stop overthinking and increase gradually

You can exercise in any way possible, but the tried and the tested fact remains true; you will have to increase your intensity to get stronger. So, instead of getting tied over the type of exercise- limited reps, full reps, or slow negatives; try adding more weights and a set after each week of training. Usually, starting with less weight and gradually progressing towards your target gives the best results.

2) Keep the stimulants in check

During training, the nervous system plays a big part in muscle building and rejuvenation. Using stimulants reset the nerves and can hinder the overall recovery.

3) Don’t train on a fully empty stomach

Running on an empty stomach and training vigorously in a fitness center will not build your muscle. Your body needs food to prepare energy. The more it runs on empty, it will deplete more of your body glycogen reserves to keep the systems running. It is a great idea to have proper meals with the correct carb, protein, and fat ratio to achieve your fitness goals. Fats and carbohydrates are not all bad.

4) Be specific

The human body is a machine, and like all machines, it has to be appropriately tuned to achieve the desired result, visually and health-wise. So, fix a target and engage in training to fulfill that. If you expect to have thick muscle blocks and lean physique simultaneously and train for both of them, you will achieve neither.

5) Allow the body to get better

Getting your inner gym freak on at the health club puts a toll on your muscles. You should invest in assisted recovery like massage sessions or acupuncture if you are able to. Putting more stress on already straining muscles will be harmful in the long run.

6) Do not abuse cheat days

Exercise does not build the body alone; the diet plays a significant role. If you have a cheat day and excessively indulge, it will only destroy the benefits you painstakingly earned over the training weeks. So, if you want to reach your training goals faster, use your cheat days reasonably.

Push yourself

Muscle needs stimulation to grow, so it is better to amplify your routine step by step. Following the same routine will make the body resistant to change, so keep adding a rep or another set. It will make your body respond to the added physical tension and induce muscle growth.

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