How Women Can Build Muscles: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a woman who is considering bulking? If yes, there are certain things to know beforehand.

Again, there can be different thoughts playing in your mind, such as can bulking do any good? Will it be challenging to build muscles? What should be the diet? Or how frequently do you need to hit the women’s gym?

Bulking means building more muscles. And, to attain the goal of gaining more weight, aka building more muscle, you must embark upon a careful diet plan–it is the first step in your bulking journey.

Although you have to eat surplus calories, you should refrain from consuming whatever comes your way. Instead, you should adhere to a well-planned diet regimen.

Also, you might be wary because there is a common belief that women are supposed to have slender bodies, but that is not correct. Instead, women reap substantial benefits by building muscles.

  • Your body composition will improve substantially after building muscles. The results will be better than the pure cardio route.
  • Due to the muscles making you stronger, you can easily lift things, making your life convenient.
  • As a sequel to your training at the fitness centre, the strength of your bones, ligaments, and tissues will increase.
  • Your workouts at the gym will help in boosting your metabolism. So, you can eat more food without gaining weight.
  • Studies show that working out at health clubs can help prevent certain diseases, like type2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc.

Is it Challenging for Women to Build Muscles?

We know that male and female bodies are different. For example, the testosterone levels in male bodies are substantially higher than that in female bodies.

Testosterone plays a critical role in muscle building and strength development.

As you might have already guessed, women will find it somewhat difficult to build muscles due to the absence of sufficient testosterone.

Although lifting weights can help increase testosterone levels in women, the levels are not likely to reach near the levels of men.

But, that also does not mean that building muscles is an impossibility for women. It is certainly possible. You need to work harder at the fitness studio and eat and train in planned ways.

Training Methodology

Training for building muscles involves weight lifting. And, you can join one of the best women’s fitness studios to undergo the training.

But, there are a couple of things to focus on while lifting weights to maximize muscle mass.

One should include isolation exercises intended to work for specific muscle groups. And these exercises can help you develop a well-rounded physique.

Ensure that you train four to five days per week.

Also give enough rest to your body. Remember, muscle building happens during the resting phase and not during training. Therefore, ensure that you rest at least two days a week. It can give your body sufficient time to recover and grow your muscles.

Diet Plan

Remember, your diet is at the heart of your muscle-building exercise. If you fail to intake the proper diet with adequate nutrients, you will fail miserably in your muscle-building efforts.

Ensure that your daily diet has:

  • 120-180gm of protein
  • 300-375gm of carbohydrates
  • 34-68gm of fat

Protein helps build muscles, carbohydrates provide energy, and fat is essential for hormone regulation and vitamin absorption.

In addition, you can consume some supplements recommended by your trainer.


So, the message is clear– women building muscles is beneficial and possible. But, you need firm determination and an effective workout schedule, apart from a proper diet plan. Then, you can build stronger and bigger muscles to attain your goals.

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