How to Prevent a Headache After Working Out

Gyming can be an exciting and enjoyable activity that helps keep the body and mind in good health. But, there can be times when your progress and motivation take a hit due to post-exercise headaches.

Headaches can be of two types: primary and secondary. While primary headaches develop due to exertion, tension, or inadequate sleep, secondary headaches are a symptom of conditions like high blood pressure, an infection, or a stroke.

Common Causes of Workout Headaches and their Prevention Tips

Some causes can trigger a headache after exercise, here we identify four common causes and suggest ways to prevent and treat them to help you maintain your regular gym schedule:

1. The Wrong Posture

Bad posture during your workout at the fitness centre can cause stress which can trigger mental tension, resulting in a headache, manifesting as a constant ache on both sides of the head.


Keep a tight vigil on your form when you work out. Maintain the correct posture during the entire exercise session.

Acquaint yourself with the common mistakes people make during workouts, and try to avoid them.

If you get a headache after a gym session, massage your head, or apply mild heat, or take some rest to relax your muscles.

2. Dehydration

Inadequate fluid intake can result in dehydration after a workout session due to the loss of fluids in the form of sweat. And dehydration can lead to a headache.


Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. You also have the option to consume sports drinks for hydration and supply your body with essential micronutrients.

3. Low Blood Sugar

Exercises drain out energy from your body, and sugar is an energy source. If you feel weak, shaky, and dizzy, accompanied by a headache after a workout session in a fitness studio, it can be due to low sugar levels in your body.


Take a break if such symptoms show when you exercise at the gym. Eat carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar and energy levels. Ensure that your body has the energy to power your workout. Besides, avoid consuming foods that can set off headaches, such as alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, aged cheese, and artificial sweeteners. Good health clubs usually provide a list of such foods to avoid.

4. Exertional Headaches

Exertional headaches are primary headaches usually caused by rigorous physical activity. During a workout, strenuous physical activities can cause exercise headaches, which entail throbbing, or migraine-like pain in the entire head and may last from 5 minutes to 48 hours. Such a headache can also cause vomiting and vision problems if the pain becomes extreme.


Reduce or adjust your workout intensity up to the extent you can withstand without straining out your muscles.

Do not skip the warm-up. And avoid dehydration and exercising if the environment is too hot.

The Final Words

Having a headache cannot be an excuse for bidding goodbye to the gym. Exercises have immense physical and mental benefits you should not miss out on to keep yourself healthy and fit.

If you develop a headache after a workout session, the four prevention methods listed above in this article are what you should implement.

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