How the Combination of These Exercises Work as a Complete Body Workout?

Full-body workouts target different groups of muscles on the arms, legs, and core body. This helps in generating fitness gains for the entire body rather than one area only. It is always advisable to join a gym or have personal training sessions to advance with full-body workouts.

Here is a great combination of a full-body workout that can take you to the next fitness level.

1) Strength training

Strengthening muscles is of paramount importance because people tend to lose nearly half a pound of muscle as we age, especially after 30. Muscle-strengthening offers not only physical fitness but also increased metabolism.

The unique aspect of weight training is that one can focus on different body parts and muscles based on their lifestyle needs. Below are the areas that can have individual focus

  • Chest and Back area
  • Front and backside of the shoulder
  • Abdomen and Lower back
  • The right and left side of the abdomen
  • Front and rear of the thigh
  • Shin and Calf
  • Top and bottom of the upper arm

Weight training can vary based on a person’s weight and physique, like Total body circuit training, Push-pull training, Powerlifting training, Dynamic training, and Muscular isolation training.

To better understand your options, hit a gym or fitness center or opt for personal training.

2) Crunches

This simple yet powerful workout focuses on belly fat and strengthens the abdominal muscle. A minimum of two to three times a week can fetch good results. For this workout

  • Lie flat on your back with bent knees
  • Placing hands behind your head or across your chest firmly
  • Lift your upper body slowly and return to the starting position
3) Press Ups/Push-Ups

Like crunches, push-ups can be done without using any equipment. A flat surface is sufficient to start. This exercise focuses on powering up your arms and chest. To do this

  • Get down on two hands, slightly wider than shoulders, with your legs extended
  • Start bending the elbows keeping the back and legs straight until you are just above the ground
  • Push back to the initial position and repeat
4) Uphill running / Stair Running

Running targets large muscle areas of the body. Simple yet super powerful. Various studies proved this workout significantly impacts reducing sugar levels for patients with type 2 diabetes. Getting started with this

  • Have a mild warm-up by climbing the steps one by one
  • Then push yourself to two at a time
  • Start running at a slow pace
  • Pick up your speed

It also works on cardiovascular fitness.

The Best Time is Now

Health clubs, economical gyms, fitness centers, or personal training – you may have many options before you for achieving your fitness targets. To be fit and healthy is so important on many levels, NOW is the best time to start.

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