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How Lifting Light Weights Can Result In Better Muscle Gains

A common gym misconception is that the only way you can bulk up is by lifting massive weights. Many people think that lightweights are there for only two reasons, either for recovering from a muscle injury or when starting out. It is essential to know that lifting light weights at a fitness center can cause good muscle gains.

Recent research has shown that lifting light weights regularly offer better results in comparison to heavyweight. Here are five advantages of lifting light weights:

Enhances Your Range of Motion: If you use a lighter weight, you are more likely to perform the movement over its entire range of motion. If you exercise with too heavy weights, you more likely won’t be able to take it through the full range of motion. Doing so will harm your performance and muscle bulk. A more extended range of motion is better than a shorter one.

Embrace Effort, Not Load: Recent studies from well-known research houses have shown that muscle growth is bolstered with increased effort, not increased load. A study showed that test subjects who lifted lighter loads performed at par compared to test subjects who lifted heavyweight. This provides proof that a higher level of effort will develop your muscles more than heavy loads.

Reduces the Risk of Injury: While you are at a gym, you run the risk of injury if you lift excessively heavyweights. If you use a lighter weight regimen that takes you through a more significant range of motions, you are less likely to encounter injuries.

Light-Weight Puts Strain on The Muscle: Muscle growth can be brought about by straining the muscle in a measured and targeted manner. If you try to lift heavy weights, you will be using momentum. Your aim should be to raise the weight by using your muscles only. A lighter weight load can target your muscles better and result in proper development and growth.

Grow the Muscles You Want to Grow: When you lift hefty weights, your target muscles won’t be the only ones doing the work. On the other end, if you use a light load regimen, you will focus on growing and developing the specific muscles you want to strengthen.

These are the primary advantages that you’ll get if you go with a lighter weight regimen.

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