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How Exercise Strengthens Your Immune System

In today’s fast-paced world, exercise is of utmost importance. Proper, well-modulated and supervised physical activity can have amazing health benefits. However, it is a pity that not enough people engage in exercise accurately.

According to studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 80% of the world’s adolescent population does not undertake sufficient physical activity.

The Exercise-Immunity Relationship

The relationship between exercise and immunity can best be described as a J-shaped curve. This means that the best thing for your immunity would be moderate exercise regularly. On the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle and strenuous physical activity can have a detrimental effect on your immune system. Prolonged high-intensity training can reduce immune function, increase inflammation and aggravate oxidative stress.

Striking the right balance in physical activity is key if you want to have a healthy immune system. Here are some tips that can help you achieve that balance:

Have a Snack During Strenuous Exercise Sessions

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Not having nutritious snacks (a banana, protein bar, etc.) during a strenuous exercise session at the gym can have a detrimental effect on your immune health. Consuming 30-60 gm of carbohydrates every 120-150 minutes of active cycling can suppress physiological changes that suppress your immune system’s effectiveness.

Cyclical Training Works Best

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If you have a personal training instructor, then you should work with them and develop a cyclical training session for yourself. Combine high-intensity and low-intensity sessions in such a mix that works just right for you. Finding your physical activity sweet spot will also help you have a robust immune system.

A Balanced Diet is Best

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You should work with your instructor/dietitian at the fitness center and work out a balanced diet plan that works for you. Each diet plan is personalized according to your health condition and fitness objectives. A balanced diet is very important if you want to build immunity. Include lots of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.

Take Rest if You are Fatigued

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Fatigue, muscle cramps and insomnia are classic signs if your body has been overworked for some time. If you feel any of these things, then you need to give yourself a break and take a few days off. Fatigue can also have an emotional impact which results in crankiness, and short temperament, etc.

Practice Cleanliness While Exercising

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Studies have shown that infectious germs linger on equipment in about all the gyms. To protect yourself, it is advised that you wash your hands before and after workouts. It is also advised that you rub a sanitizing wipe over gym equipment after you’re done using it.

Regularly exercising at the gym, following a balanced diet and not overdoing it are the best ways in which you can strengthen your immune system. These pointers will definitely help you boost your immune system and protect your loved ones in these times of pandemic.

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