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Back from a Break – Start Lifting Without Getting Injured

Fitness enthusiasts who love to be in shape do not ever get bored of the gym. In fact, they find ways to keep up with their fitness routine even on the days off. But sometimes, taking a break is inevitable, for instance, an injury, prolonged vacation, or even the ongoing global pandemic.

But since gyms are slowly reopening, it will be a challenge for some people to get back on track, especially those who lift.

So, here is a list of a few things you should consider while restarting your lifting exercise without hurting yourself.

1) Know where to start

If you are going back to the gym after a long break, then see to it that you deduct the sets and repetitions to 50% in the initial week. You might have reached your goal before the break, but you must bring back the suitable body mechanics so that your body can handle the full range of motion without getting hurt.

2) Focus on warm-up exercises

The best way to stay injury-free post-long-term break is by focusing more on warm-ups. Let your body get warmed-up and even break light sweat before starting the main workout routine.

The notion here is to offer your muscles with a range of motions so that it can move easily without restrictions.

3) Do not forget cardio

If you are returning from an injury or if you never worked on cardio throughout the break, then see to it that you start slow with cardio too.

Your body must have gone through changes when you were off the cardio routine. So, the heart rate may increase from 5 to 15 beats a minute; thus, going slow is vital.

4) Be careful, avoid common injuries

Your body was at rest for a longer period. So, there must be a lack of flexibility, endurance, and even strength. So, start slow, or you may end up tearing bicep tendons, hamstring, or even suffer from low back strain.

5) Take proper rest too

Once you start with your gym routine, you also need to take care of your sleep schedule, good nutrition, and flexibility. This is because neglecting these factors go into straining the muscles. So, keep a check on your food intake, stay hydrated, and follow a proper sleep pattern.

6) Follow post-pandemic safety tips

The pandemic is not gone yet. So, make sure to follow every safety measure put forward by the gym. Make sure that you maintain distance with other gym patrons and your trainer during personal training sessions.

Also, follow social distancing norms in areas like locker rooms or showers.

Bottom line

Going back to health clubs may feel exciting, but you must know that your muscles aren’t conditioned yet. Moreover, with the global pandemic still lingering around, it is not just about your muscles now but your health too.

So, follow our tips to ensure you get back in the game properly and safely.

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