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4 Exercises That Can Strengthen Your Core

When we talk about core exercise, one tends to think about just abs.

Well, besides your abs, your lower back, hips, and middle body also count as the core.

And in order to retain a stronger functional movement throughout your day and even while working out, you need to have a strong core. Having a strong core can aid in preventing workout injuries.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few best exercises that can strengthen your core.

One of the classics yet very effective core exercises is the Plank. While performing the exercise, one must brace the entire core so that the body can be held in a static position. By doing it the right way, you can find and maintain a neutral spine.

  • Keep your shoulder or elbow parallel to each other to keep them in an externally rotated position.
  • Keep your pelvis slightly tucked in to make sure the back is in a neutral position.
  • Take deep breaths while holding the position squeezed glutes for 15 to 30 seconds.

Side plank with hip drop
Side plank with a hip drop is a perfect exercise to make your obliques stronger. As you require to thrust your body weight up in a sideways position, you end up targeting both your internal and external obliques, thus allowing you to keep the back in place and aid in absorbing shock.

  • Lie on your side and place your elbow under the shoulder. Stick your forearm outside.
  • Then stack your feet above each other and then lift from the side. Make sure that your body is aligned straight from your head to the feet.
  • Slowly drop and lift your hips. Switch the sides after completing ten reps.

TRX pushups
TRX pushups can activate the overall core along with the serratus anterior, your rib cage, and the small shoulder muscles.

You can easily adjust the difficulty level by walking your feet forward or backward, so you can focus on your core.

  • You will need to get behind the TRX and hold the handles.
  • Then slowly lean forward with the handles in front and your arms straight.
  • Lower yourself until your chest touches the thumb. But make sure your body is in a straight line, then proceed with pressing back.

Bird dogs
Bird dogs will require you to manage your breathing pattern along with intra-abdominal pressure. Keep the lower back in a neutral position while extending the arm above the head. Also, use your glutes to push your leg back.

  • Start by coming down on all your fours.
  • Keep your hands under your shoulder and knees under the hips. Arch you back until you find a neutral position.
  • From there, start with stretching the right arm with the left leg and so on.
Bottom line

Your core is the powerhouse for your overall fitness.

So, strengthen your core by incorporating the exercises mentioned above. This way, you will start experiencing stronger functional movement, regardless of the nature of your activity.

Which of these is your favorite core workout? Write to us and let us know.

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