3 Resistance Band Exercises to Help Improve Your Deadlift

If you perform banded exercises, you must be aware of an associated disadvantage—you stop getting stronger.

But you should not give up working out banded exercises due to the reason. There can be modifications to the bands to enable you to continue with your favourite exercises and simultaneously increase your strength.

In addition, you can reap a significant advantage by working out with the modified bands at the gym. You can perform different exercises with such bands to varying angles because the bands do not depend on gravity for resistance. Moreover, you can use the bands to perform many free-hand exercises at the fitness centre.

Let us discuss three impactful banded exercises to strengthen and improve your deadlift.

#1.Half-Kneeling Split-Stance Pallof Press

This variation of Pallof Presses can elicit impactful outcomes at the fitness studio.

When you perform Pallof Presses before deadlifting, it will help to prime your core muscles. An analogy can be doing plyometric push-ups before benching—it gives the necessary tension to protect your spine.

In addition, the spilt stance renders an active stretch on the adductors, eliciting additional hip mobility benefits.

Its Significance

As the adductors are significant in flexing or extending the hip, you will encounter problems in hip mobility if they are tight.

With this exercise, you can fire up your glutes and, at the same time, actively stretch your adductors to help improve their mobility.

Performing it at health clubs

The exercise is not difficult to perform. First, you must fix a resistance band six to 12 inches from the floor.

Then, you should grip the band with both hands in the tall kneeling position and get your side onto the anchor point.

After that, you should straighten the leg closest to the anchor point, with tension in the band, and feel the stretch of your adductors. Then, again, you should keep the torso front on, hold the band by your sternum, and press out.

#2.Squat Stance Deadlift with Horizontal Band Resistance

As lat and upper-back strength are crucial in deadlifting from the floor, you should keep them engaged to maintain a straight bar path and a neutral spine.

Due to the resultant horizontal resistance, you will be constrained to pull the slack out of the bar. And, you should keep the barbell close to the body during the concentric and eccentric contraction.

Its Significance

The exercise helps you eliminate the trouble of keeping your lats and upper back tight during heavy pulling.

Performing it at the Gym

Before putting the plates on, you should fix a looped band low and loop the band around the middle of the bar.

Ensure that you stand 12 to 18 inches away from the bar. And do a hip hinge. Again, you should hold the bar with an overhand grip and pull to your shins.

After that, stand up and perform a deadlift.

For women who only like to be in the presence of other women during workout, you can go to a women gym.

#3. Resistance Band Broad Jump

You can build substantial strength by performing broad jumps. And the resistance band broad jump can increase the reaction time of fast-twitch muscle fibres.

It helps to enhance the strength due to the contraction of the leg and core muscles with each jump. You can also try out this exercise in group fitness classes

Its Significance

The exercise helps reduce the strain on your knee and hip joints due to the slow down of the band while landing.

Performing it at the Fitness Studio

You should fix a looped band at hip height and secure it around your waist. After that, you should move forward until you feel a stretch in the band.

Again, you should hinge back until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Then, jump forward, and walk back after landing.


Therefore, you should not ditch banded exercises if you want to build strength. And this article serves as a valuable guide to achieving that.

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